How to do 301 Redirection in Weebly Site?

Today, Again it’s a learning day in our office, Lets Nurture where with working, we learn some new things professional, personal and Social also. Today, I learnt about 301 & 404 Redirection. Well, before explaining whole task, let’s take a short intro of 301 Redirection.

301 Redirects

If you have a little knowledge of Web development then you can understand it easily than others.

301 is a one of the types of redirect which means “Moved Permanently in SEO.

A redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL from the one they initially asked for while surfing around.

See one example to easily understand:

Suppose, your site domain is like and after some time, your site domain changed as then you can redirect your old URL to new URL easily by using 301 redirects HTTP status code which given below:

To redirect an entire site to a new domain:

Redirect 301 /

To redirect a particular page to new page URL

Redirect 301 /old-page-name 

This code is essentially allowed in all types of frameworks using FTP. You have to just put this code in .Htaccess file and it’s done.

Now, Topic is that How to do 301 Redirects in Weebly which provide a platform to create a website easy and affordable ways with having some extra facility to access SEO tools.

Today, I have done 301 Redirection in one of my client’s sites, made in Weebly which my first Onapge experience in my SEO career and that was very Informative for me and my Sir Mr. Ketan Raval and my colleague Jayesh Parmar which helped me to do this task.

When we started doing this task, first we were so confused after knowing that there is no facility to access .Htaccess file which is the primary needs to do 301 redirection but after some research , We found the solution that Weebly have inbuilt 301 redirect option in Setting portion of site.

Here is the easy step which I followed to do

  • After Login goes in Setting Tab

Step 1

  • Choose the SEO tab from the left side
  • Click on the 301 “configure redirects”


  • Now , you have to just put your old url in Old URL box and select a new destination page from drop down list given on right side as per shown  in Image below:


  • Then save it and it’s done.


How easy is it? But, there is one disadvantage of it that you cannot redirect your web page URL to new Webpage URL because this advantage is only for the exiting Website Pages. But overall, it is best to access and time saving process of 301 Redirection.

I know that it’s too long explanation but it’s necessary for me as a reference as well for you. I Hope you enjoy my post, also learn something through my information. Thanks for reading whole post. If any suggestion related my writing or topic, kindly put it in Comments.



    • No weebly is not allowing to upload any file like .htacces . You have to follow the steps given in Weebly setting. You can redirect it from thier easily. But you could not redirect this way as you mentioned in comment.

  1. Hello thanks for your post very good post. my question is
    How can do 301 (Moved Permanently) redirects from Microsoft website-formatted URLs ASPX to HTML-formatted URLs. That is (.aspx) to (.html). The thing is I am migrating my website from office 365 website which has URL formats ending in .ASPX to godaddy website which has URLs ending in HTML. will this be possible in go WEEBLY

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